Ampere is BangDB stack on cloud. Goal of Ampere Release is to be no-code platform for building applications or solutions for different domains and uses cases. With convergence in place, Ampere provides following features on the cloud:

  • NoSQL Database
  • Stream Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Graph Processing

Users can subscribe to Ampere and get the resources provisioned on cloud as SaaS. The dashboard offers a simple and consistent UI to enable users to create solutions following simple workflows. It also provides users the capabilities to take actions from the platform in automated manner. Further, charts can be created for real-time continuous monitoring of the data.

Some of the benefits of using the platform are following

  • Accelerated time to market
  • Continuous and real-time intelligence
  • No stitching of different silos, get started immediately
  • AI integration allows autoML
  • Native Graph provides lot more efficient models
  • Stream processing to find anomalies, patterns
  • Huge cost advantage
  • Highest performance for IOPS - fastest in the market
  • Build modern apps, without any coding

User can subscribe get started free and later can upgrade based on their requirements Please see the pricing details here