BangDB Documentation

Welcome to the BangDB Documentation. Find the guides, samples, and references you need to use the database and get started.


Get started with BangDB NoSQL database and power your application.

Rest API

Learn more about BangDB REST API, how it works and it's capabilities & features.


Learn about stream concepts, how stream processing happens, and how to work with it.

Graph & Cypher

Learn about graph, introduce yourself to cypher, and find useful resources.

Complex Event Processing

Learn about Complex Event Processing, it's use-cases and examples.


BangDB natively integrated ML (and DL) capabilities, we don't need to have separate ML architecture.

Help Guides

Learn about BangDB algorithms and their hyperparameter, classification, regression, k-means etc.

Use Cases

Here are some helpful use cases to help you get started with BangDB NoSQL database.

Release Info

Release info & feature notes for Ampere and BangDB NoSQL database.