BangDB is enterprise grade database both from implementation and architectural perspective. It is written and created for enterprise level use cases, requirements and need. BangDB is designed with the security, data governance, business continuity, scale, performance, cloud readiness etc. at the center of the goals.

Business Continuity, High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Data Resiliency

BangDB is a robust database but at the same time simple at the core level, which allows it to offer several must have enterprise grade features without any compromise or overhead. Following points highlights the key areas in this regard for BangDB.

Enterprise Grade Database Features - BangDB
  • BangDB Cluster may start with 3 and then scale horizontally by adding more machines/vms.
  • The database is replicated [ could be across DC/ Cloud]
  • We can have 1 to 3 replica per node, each could be for configured for read/write.
  • BangDB works with auto failover, which maintains operation continuity without business disruption.
  • Load balance - within and across, using default or user defined method.
  • Scale horizontally, Shard logically/ physically.
  • High availability - four 9's using HA model is in default mode.

Data Quality, Governance

Maintaining the data integrity and quality when we perform so many different actions on the data, should not be left to the users and their applications. The database should provide enough constructs and means to ensure this in automated manner, without any intervention from the user. But at the same time, users should also have means to configure things to ensure these are aligned per their need. Following are key points that BangDB ensures for ensuring the data governance.

  • ETL, Data cleaning/filtering during ingestion process - as defined by user or by default.
  • Profiling and summarizing data for enhancement and policies
  • Schema enforcing for data integrity and standardization.
  • Pattern and anomaly detection using running statistics and AI on data.
  • Searchability across data in different layers
  • Continuous monitoring and traceability using ops logs. Alerts, notifications.
  • Rule based filter or verifications at many different places to ensure conformity.


BangDB is implements enterprise grade security with BangDB. In fact, security is not an afterthought for BangDB but one of the basic initial goals of the system. Therefore, it runs continuously and natively within BangDB.

  • All access need to be authenticated by the user service using API Key
  • User access is protected using id/pwd for login.
  • Short lived tokens (apart from API key) are used to further add to the security for admin jobs
  • SSL/TLS based data transport and communication, for encryption of data over wire.
  • Data is stored in binary format within BangDB. Which means these files can't be read.
  • Data/ fields could be obfuscated based on input map by the user.
  • Co-location of servers and databases as needed.
  • DB verifies the request, queries for SQL injection or related activities.
  • DB continuously writes and maintains users' activities log for every action.
  • DB core logs are also written for all the operations, success, or failures.
  • The servers are hardened for any random attack over the network.

Moving to Production at Scale

The convergence and deep tech deployment model allows Enterprises to take BangDB with all necessary features and support to Production in just few days compared to many weeks and months with most of the other databases. Following are the required steps to be followed to get to production as quickly as possible.

  • Define the deployment model based on your requirements.
  • Configure the clustering for high availability, read/write throughput, data size, instance size.
  • Backup, DR plans, SSL certificates, configurations in place
  • Test, Staging and Prod environment set up.
  • Define scope and implement the features of the application.
  • Set up metadata driven approach for augmentations or changes.
  • Set up CI environment, processes, tools for agile development model.
  • Cloud, bare metal, Containers, OpenShift serverless - many ways to deploy as required.
  • Monitor cluster, instances and health using Ampere (UI).
  • Alerts, notifications configuration for automation and action.


BangDB complies with the extensive enterprise requirements and maintains, shares the files/data as required. The entire compliance docs could be downloaded for reference.

  • Approach Cyber Conformance
  • Change Management Policy
  • High Availability and DR Overview
  • Pentest report for security
  • Information Security Incident Management Policy
  • Network Security Assess Management Policy
  • Network Security Policy
  • Password Policy Document
  • Policy and Compliance Risk Management
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Software Development policy
  • Threat Model for BangDB
  • Network Diagram of BangDB
  • BangDB Dependent Libraries
  • DAST Test Report
  • Employee Background Verification