Following are basic difference between BangDB and Neo4j from DB point of view:

  • BangDB is multi-model database which can deal with most of the data types that we come across in real world scenario. This means we can store different data as it should be rather than forcing it to a particular structure or the other.
  • BangDB has natively integrated Graph with streaming component in the DB, this makes it very easy for users to create graph as data streams into the system. Further, it allows users to apply CEP on the data to find patterns/anomaly in continuous manner.
  • AI is native entity of BangDB, which means we don't need a silo or component external to the database. This is very important for simplification of model building/training exercise and also for automation of the processes. Further ontologies could be created which allows users to build graph in probabilistic manner using a text file/data.
  • BangDB performance (IOPS) is much better than Neo4j, this helps in dealing with fast moving data for real-time analysis, and also for better efficiency. Creating nodes and relations 10X faster in BangDB and for triple creation, BangDB goes beyond 100X for data set which is large enough (10M + nodes and entities).
  • BangDB can be used as full-fledged NoSQL DB which offers rich support for data organization and query with many traditional and advanced database concepts going way beyond Graph concepts.

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