Match patterns (querying data) In BangDB we follow a similar to Cypher format for matching data or preferably querying data. However, BangDB doesn't use 'MATCH' keyword/clause for the same instead it uses something like <var_name>=> before the query.

For ex: S=>

To find the data we've created so far, we can start looking for all nodes labelled with the Movie label.

      "{"released":1994,"label":"Movie","name":"Forrest Gump","_pk":"889565392:607499282203478465","_v":1}",
      "{"title":"The Matrix","released":1997,"label":"Movie","name":"Matrix","_pk":"889565392:7731255011213178614","_v":1}"

We can also look for a specific Movie, like "Forrest Gump"

S=>(@p "Person:Tom Hanks")-[@r ACTED_IN]->(@m Movie:*); RETURN AS Title, r.roles AS Role
|  Role         |      Title            |
| ["Forrest"]   |      Forrest Gump     |

We could also see in json format by setting output as JSON

         "Title":"Forrest Gump",

Let's add another film where Tom Hanks acted in. Since, Tom Hanks already exists hence, we may just use the name.

CREATE (Person:"Tom Hanks")-[ACTED_IN {"roles":["Zachry"]}]->(Movie:"Cloud Atlas" {"released":2012})

Now it's a good time to create another graph and do following:

USE GRAPH ex_graph
CREATE (Movie:matrix {"title":"The Matrix", "released":1997})

CREATE (Movie:cloudAtlas {"title":"Cloud Atlas", "released":2012})

CREATE (Movie:forrestGump {"title":"Forrest Gump", "released":1994})

CREATE (Person:keanu {"fullname":"Keanu Reeves", "born":1964})

CREATE (Person:robert {"fullname":"Robert Zemeckis", "born":1951})

CREATE (Person:tom {"fullname":"Tom Hanks", "born":1956})

CREATE (Person:tom)-[ACTED_IN {"roles":["Forrest"]}]->(Movie:forrestGump)

CREATE (Person:tom)-[ACTED_IN {"roles":["Zachry"]}]->(Movie:cloudAtlas)

CREATE (Person:robert)-[DIRECTED]->(Movie:forrestGump)