BangDB Benchmark (simple)

Throughput / IOPS for put and get for 1B records

BangDB is a high-performance converged NoSQL data platform designed to handle fast moving data. It's especially suitable for EdgeAI, which requires lot more than just a NoSQL store. For ex, ability to ingest data efficiently, then to process and analyze for finding interesting patterns or for prediction and finally store in a manner which allows powerful queries to be run in optimal manner for dashboard or reports are some of the key features as required by next generations apps.

BangDB can be simply defined as NoSQL + Streaming + AI to highlight the convergence of different elements to solve the problem in simple yet powerful manner.

Although, BangDB is more than traditional NoSQLs as it tends to do lot more, however it is also important to have the high performance as needed by the use cases.

Goal of this benchmark is to find out the throughput of db where we put data and the get them using multiple connections with all features of the db remain ON. The benchmark is run for BangDB server, however, similarly we can run for embedded as well and the data would be comparable.

Therefore, this section tends to summarise the benchmark of BangDB in different scenarios. The benchmark has been divided into following two sections:

  1. Custom benchmark - performance numbers for BangDB
  2. YCSB benchmark - compare BangDB performance with few other NoSQLs