BangDB Clients

BangDB language support - BangDB core or embedded is implemented in C/C++. BangDB doesn't use any template library etc. that come from either C++ or other related framework. It doesn't use any framework as well.

BangDB is implemented in mostly in C but it uses C++ classes and some features for better code organisation and API signature, therefore it's compiled in C++. The other internal frameworks like stream, CEP, ML, DL, IE etc. are all implemented in C only.

The reason to implement in such a manner was to get the control of the all that goes on within the db and at the same time remove the layers of abstractions to gain performance. Further it also allowed us to run within devices without any problems.

Primary BangDB client is also written in C/C++ however there are many language bindings in multiple languages available such as:

  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Python

We will be adding JavaScript very soon and update the manual accordingly