BangDB on CPD / Openshift

BangDB on CPD (Cloud Pak for Data) IBM under the “Data Sources” segment of the platform. Users can get started with this on any cloud of their choice BangDB is integrated with CPD platform of IBM as co-sell partner

Deploy, Install and Run BangDB on CPD / OpenShift Platform

This document is a walk-through of the steps involved in deploying 'BangDB' database on OpenShift. Users can go to the section on CPD and find the BangDB on Cloud Pak for Data IBM, click the link to get started.

There are two ways to deploy BangDB on OS:

  • METHOD 1 - Deploying BangDB on openshift using OC command line tool
  • METHOD 2 - Deploying BangDB on openshift using the helm chart.

Details of each of these methods are given below.

Installation Requirements

To run a 'BangDB' database on OpenShift you need to:

  1. Create an OpenShift cluster. (openshift version 4 and above is supported)
  2. Configure command line tool 'OC' on the bastion node. [ METHOD 1 ]
  3. Configure 'helm' (version 3.0+) and 'git' on the bastion node. (Required if you are deploying BangDB instance using helm [ METHOD 2 ]

'BangDB' instance can be installed on an OpenShift cluster in several ways:

  1. Using oc command line tool [ METHOD 1 ]
  2. Using helm [ METHOD 2 ]

Create a namespace

You can deploy the 'BangDB' instance on a namespace of your choice. To create a namespace run the below command from bastion node.

oc create ns <namespace>

To switch to the new namespace/project, run the command below. This way you can select the new namespace to be used with subsequent commands.

oc project <namespace>

Let's go to next next pages for METHOD1 or METHOD2 for deploying BangDB