Scan Filter (Embedded) is used to set a few elements for scan. Note this is mainly used for the primary keys. For example if we wish to scan data like following:

See below for API details.


To create scanFilter object


To set ScanOperator for skey

void set_skey_op(ScanOperator skey_op);

To get ScanOperator for skey

ScanOperator get_skey_op();

To set ScanOperator for ekey

void set_ekey_op(ScanOperator ekey_op);

To get ScanOperator for ekey

ScanOperator get_ekey_op();

To set ScanLimitBy

void set_limit_by(ScanLimitBy limitby);

To get the set ScanLimitBy value

ScanLimitBy get_limit_by();

To set limit

void set_limit(int limit);

To get the set limit value

int get_limit();

To set key flag

void set_only_key(short flag);

To get status of set key

short get_only_key();

To set reserved value

void set_reserved(int reserved);

To get the value of reserved set

int get_reserved();

To delete ScanFilter object

virtual ~ScanFilter();

To create scanFilter object

public ScanOperator skeyOp;

To set ScanOperator for skey

public ScanOperator ekeyOp;

To set ScanLimitBy

public ScanLimitBy limitBy;

To set to limit

public int limit;

To set to skip count

public int skipCount;

To set key flag

public int onlyKey;

To get filter Query

public ScanFilter()

To set filter

public void setFilter()

To close ScanFilter

public synchronized void close()